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Srebreno Plat
Mlini Soline


The delightful town is 10 kilometres away from Dubrovnik and is situated in the Zupski Zaljev bay. The mountainous interior protects the bay of the cold north winds.

There is a long beautiful sandy beach. Srebreno is already mentioned in 1294 as a part of the territory Srebreno, which was under the power of the Benedictine abbey on the small island Mrkan in front of Cavtat.

Remains of old buildings such as fortresses, churches and graves can be seen still nowadays.

For accommodation high quality, hotels and private apartments are offered to tourists. The hotel Zupa disposes of 3 stars.




There is the small harbour of Mlini, 11 km in the Southeast of Dubrovnik, in the Župski Zaljev bay situated.

The brooks, which have the sources in the nearby springs urged in the past mills on (Mlini means in the Croatian language mill). The higher situated part of the town (Trgovište) is at the Adriatic coastal road.

The nice environment, the long beaches and the luxuriant vegetation offer you a nice and unforgettable vacation. Near to the beach, where the brook flows into the sea, there is the parish church of Hl.

Hilarius dated from the year 1449 situated. Even though the earthquake of 1667 destroyed the building completely, renovation and reconstruction were made in 1687.

Vacation dwellings in Mlini:

Villa Nina
Mandaljena Cakelic
Kopitovic Tiho
"Villa Mediteranea"


IThe town offers board and lodging in the hotel Orphee*** and the apartment Plat.

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